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When is it just "your mindset" and when to call BS with Kathleen Oh

April 11, 2023 Season 2 Episode 12
The Disobedient Business® Podcast
When is it just "your mindset" and when to call BS with Kathleen Oh
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, Pippa talks with Kathleen Oh, an integration coach who works with individuals in integrating different parts of themselves, often through the use of psychedelic drugs and internal family systems (IFS). Kathleen talks about her journey and how she got into this field of work. She also discusses how her own personal experience of failure led her to question the mindset narrative that is often used in the coaching industry. Kathleen believes that the coaching industry tends to place too much emphasis on mindset without acknowledging the systemic factors that can impact an individual's success. She emphasises the need to question the rules and challenge the existing mindset narrative.

About Kathleen
Kathleen Oh (she/her) is a Coach, writer, and safe drug use advocate and educator specialising in psychedelic integration. She offers coaching services focusing on the continued care and well-being of clients from high-stress, high-performance careers as the center of their work. She practices trauma-informed and integrative, positive psychology, solution-focused coaching and Internal Family Systems Informed approaches informed by an anti-oppressive framework. Kathleen openly practices as a learner and student of cultic studies. She is continuing to decondition and recover from systems of cultic indoctrination. This combination of skills is uncommon in coaching communities.

Where to find Kathleen
IG: @therealcoachoh
TikTok: @coachkathleenoh
Spotify: @DJ K OH

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