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Is LinkedIn somewhere we actually want to hang out now? with Katie Skelton

March 07, 2023 Season 1 Episode 32
The Disobedient Business® Podcast
Is LinkedIn somewhere we actually want to hang out now? with Katie Skelton
Show Notes

In this episode Pippa talks to Katie Skelton about the weird and wonderful world of LinkedIn.

Pippa ditched LinkedIn years ago and the idea of returning gives her the tingles and not in a good way. Can what was an icky corporate bro-y platform now be used to foster connection and sales in the small biz/ 'solopreneur' space?  Well, apparently so!  Katie informs us there are, in fact, actual humans in their whole human-ness on LinkedIn and you can make some seriously cool connections as well as garner some new clients and sales too.

Don't cancel your Canva subscription just yet though friend, come and dip a toe in with us and find out more (also, apparently we can still make pretty carousels in the scary shirt place too!).

Because we love Katie so much, and she clearly knows her ish about this stuff, we've invited her to host this month's Disobedient Business® Bite on 28th March at 6pm UK time and she'll be teaching us all about how to win the game of LinkedIn life. You can find out more about this awesome workshop here.

About Katie
Katie is a project manager, strategist and mentor who works with impact-first business founders to help unscramble their brains and free up their time. Described by past clients as "a wingwoman of dreams" and "a collaboration powerhouse", Katie loves getting deep into the inner workings of her clients' brains & businesses and never passes up the opportunity to make an introduction.

Where to find Katie
On LinkedIn
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On her website

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