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Do Politics and Business Mix with Peta O'Brien

February 28, 2023 Season 1 Episode 31
The Disobedient Business® Podcast
Do Politics and Business Mix with Peta O'Brien
Show Notes

In this episode Pippa and Peta ponder on politics (that's a lot of P's).

Peta shares her story with us and how she has come to weave politics back into her business in a big way having started out life wanting to be Prime Minister (there's still time #VoteForPeta).

We talk about why keeping politics firmly on the table in our businesses is a good thing and how it doesn't need to be all or nothing - do what works for you friend!

In today's climate more and more people are driven to purchase from/ with with folks who have their values front and centre - you won't align with all the people in the world but you'll align with the ones that you're going to vibe with that's for sure so don't make it hard for them to get to know you 😎. Creating a manifesto for your business can help you share this with your community.

About Peta
Peta is a copywriter and messaging strategist who taps into empathy and her previous career as a youth worker to help her clients connect with their audience. She works with health and wellness startups and coaches who want to weave their values through their messaging. She's a politics geek with 2 children who loves escaping into a cheesy action film, or experimenting with her pile of cookbooks.

Peta is launching her new membership, The Soap Box; a membership for business owners with a social conscience. It's a supportive community designed to help you share your political and social values in your business messaging. Without pissing all your potential clients off! Check it out here!

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