The Disobedient Business® Podcast

WTAF even IS "professionalism" in business

January 30, 2023 Season 2 Episode 2
The Disobedient Business® Podcast
WTAF even IS "professionalism" in business
Show Notes

In this week's episode we explore WTAF it means to be professional in your business. Many of us business owners have hailed from some sort of big business, public sector or corporate background and have brought with us all sorts of pretty ingrained ideas of what it means to Be Professional when running our own businesses.

The trouble is, these ideas originate from a patriarchal, capitalist system, driven by competition and comparison. Whether or not you've ever worked in a big office for The Man, many of these areas will resonate.

Pippa and Lucy explore professionalism from the perspective of:

  • your appearance and how you look
  • your language and how you speak
  • your time management, productivity etc
  • how you work with clients or show up for your work

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