The Disobedient Business® Podcast

The rebel magic of rest & play with Sadie Tichelaar

September 13, 2022 Season 1 Episode 15
The Disobedient Business® Podcast
The rebel magic of rest & play with Sadie Tichelaar
Show Notes

This week on the Disobedient Business® Podcast we welcome Sadie Tichelaar as our special guest to talk about the rebel magic of rest & play and this one is a fab episode - get your pens at the ready as you're going to want to take notes!

Sadie is a mischief muse whose calling is to inspire overtired, overworked folk to explore the rebellious magic of rest & play as an antidote to hustle culture and toxic productivity. Combining the unlikely power combo of her project management background and a love for all things mystical, she practices a form of practical magic to support clients embrace both their light and their darker side. Sadie wields her magic through 1-2-1 work as well as group coaching and sacred circle work.

As three humans that are all very prone to overwork, all having burned out at least once, this conversation is deep and personal and also so very practical - there's a reason that Sadie talks about practical magic as she IS practically magic!

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Instagram: @thiscuriouslifecoaching

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